Late Check Out Policy

Check in is at 4:00 pm

Check out is at 11:00 am

When we rent our home to someone we always assume they will check in at or after 4:00 pm and check out by11:00 am. The 5 hours between the two times allows our cleaning staff to clean the home before the next person arrives.Most of the time it does not take 5 hours but some times it does.The cleaning persons are third party contractors, who come in to clean our homes but only in the daytime. They do not clean in the evenings.

Most of our guests fly in from the mainland, primarily the west coast, and want to check in by 4:00 pm.That is particularly true of Saturdays and Sundays when people often take the first flight from the mainland and arrive in early afternoon and want to be in the home by 4:00 pm to start their stay.

So when we allow a late check out, we must give up the possibility of renting our home that night because the cleaning staff cannot get it turned around in time for the next incoming guest.

So if you are requesting a late check out, there are two options.

First, if you want to be in the home, guaranteed from your initial booking, later than 11:00 am on the day of your departure, then you should request and pay for another night.

Or Second, if you are willing to take some risk, and are willing to wait to see whether there is someone who is going to rent the home for that evening and check in at 4:00 pm, ….. then you can request a late check out for an additional $50 service fee, 3 days before your departure, if I have not already rented that particular night to someone else.

A request for a late check out must be made by a phone call to JT Alexander at (808) 333-2788.  It is always best to call from the Hawaii house phone to ensure that she takes the call.

We want to accommodate those of you who have a late flight off the island and believe you will find this policy to be a fair approach.